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The quality of the porcelain and ceramics is far superior to any of its competitors. The artists take 6 months to 1 year doing drawings on paper before working on the miniatures. All pieces are then directly handmade in Thaïland Klima's factories under strict quality control and with an unprecedented attention to details. Each style is registered. They are unique and exclusive.

The Thaïland people have the talents and, comparing to occidental civilizations, they still have the patience to make complex works. They take the necessary time to reach beauty and perfection and to feel the pleasure of accomplishment.''
Take the time to look at the eyes or whiskers of a cat, you will discover the exceptional skill of work involved.

For porcelain items, a high temperature firing technique creates a ‘'true'' porcelain miniature (99% water free). For example, it is possible to make horses with thin legs and very fine detail. New molds are created every 30 pieces to keep very sharp details appearing.